How to play the game.

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How to play the game. Empty How to play the game.

Post  Admin on Wed Aug 20, 2008 9:42 pm

How to Install/Play Perfectionist MS

Hope this helps.

1. Download maple story v55 HHMD9TOV download.php?dzbdxzjvkel
2. Once you have installed MS do not run the exe!
3. Now its time we downloaded PerfectionistMS exe
4. Once you have downloaded PerfectionistMS exe, place it in your maple story folder (the name of the exe should be local host).
5. Now we need the Launcher.bat, This can be found at the same link
6. Once completed, place in your Maple Story folder.
7. To run maple story you will need to double click on the launcher.bat instead of the exe at this stage.
8. Enjoy PerfectionistMS


Note: The PerfectionistMS exe you downloaded must be called localhost as the launcher.bat needs to read it.

If admins could make this a sticky to better the perfectionistMS community

Hope this has helped. Regards Fletcher.

Credits to Fletcher. Very Happy


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