Shouldn't this server have an age limit?

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Shouldn't this server have an age limit? Empty Shouldn't this server have an age limit?

Post  Zee best on Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:18 pm

Seriously. Little kids, are annoying.

Uneducated. Unwilling to listen to logic.

This kid is complaining saying he didn't even have time to make a chair, blah blah, it sucks this server is going down, I try to help him.

I say, "All things end" and he says some stupid things and calls me newbie.


Secondly, He tries to insult me with words n he spells like dis, n calls me sum1 insted of my naem.

Then, he says, and I quote" sum1 shuld be liek insect n crawl back in hole

were dey belong


And logs off.

he refuses to except logic, in all manners possible.

Anyway, buh bye.Only saying,

If you try again, put an age limit. This guy even admitted he was a kid.
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